Friday, April 25, 2014

$7 Shoe Conversion - Flying Unicorn

Hi Everyone, 

Yep I am back with another bargain shoe makeover!

Anyone who knows me well enough knows full well I can sniff out a bargain a mile away, blessed with rather large feet I always manage to find my size on the clearance rack at Target. When I spotted these previously black leather numbers for $7 I knew immediately they would be coming home for a makeover. I could have really gone over the top with embellishing these however it would be a shame to never wear them and I want that chance one day. 

Products Used


Did you know Flying Unicorn Store stocks Lumiere paints in a handy small size multi packet? If you are looking to try these paints I can HIGHLY recommend them as they are brilliant.

Thanks for looking everyone, I wish you a brilliant and creative day.

~ Rebecca ~


  1. Love this! Was it very hard to get the eyelets on? It seems like it would be hard to make the holes. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kay, thanks so much for your comment. The eyelets were quite easy, I used my orange crop-a-dile it just chomped straight through the leather.

  2. Wow Rebecca! You've done a wonderful job transforming these shoes. Great choice of colours too. Thanks for sharing. Karen.x

  3. YUM! Makes me wish I could still wear high heels.....enjoy doing so while you can! Totally delish makeover!!!