Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Old to New Makeover - Flying Unicorn

Hi Everyone,

Just sharing another op shop makeover. This is a little tea light holder, you pop a little candle underneath and the light beams out of the cut diamonds. This little number cost me a whole $1, so I was prepared to experiment. Yes it was certainly a little drab in its former life wasn't it? So who is brave enough to take their craft products and take them 'off the page'. It is fun converting old to new, I love to challenge myself. 

Products Used

To convert this drab little ball of horror (sorry this is a rather dramatic statement, but that is how I feel). I began by painting with a coat of gesso, after allowing to dry I added color, lots of it, painting here, painting there. Adding black acrylic, rubbing it back, adding more colour, dabbing off with a baby wipe. It is tricky to explain the full color process as with this project it was a little trial and error, if I didn't like it I rubbed it back and just kept on playing. 

This photo was taken in the sun, LOVE the luminous effect, isn't it pretty?

Thanks for looking, I wish you all a happy and creative day.

~ Rebecca ~


  1. It turned out gorgeous! The shine and the colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stunning transformation from blah to.....omg amazing!

  3. Far out - how did I miss this gorgeous wee treasure ... fan-tab-u-lous!