Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's tour my craft room!!!

Hi Everyone,

Today I thought I would bring to you all a different blog post, today we are going to have a good look around my craft room. This has really turned into the crafting room of my dreams and I am super  proud to share it with you all.  My inention of sharing all these photos is definitely not to show off, more to share with you all what I think are some practical storage craft solutions.

Here is a shot of the entire room, I am extremely fortunate to have a room of this size to call my own. Before we bought our home this room was previously used as an at home family daycare. We tore up the smelly carpet, laid down some vinyl (much more practical!!) and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Lucky enough to have a toilet, basin and storage cupboard, these are the two doors you can see at the back of the room. 

When I get enough confidence up my future plans are to hold classes here as there is room for four people to craft. 

3 essential items can be seen here for long days crafting, my Mac, TV and air conditioning 

A trip to our local hardware store Bunnings and this was there!! It was honestly love at first sight. I never ever thought about putting a toolbox in my craft room but one this pretty??, yes please. 

Welcome home tool chest. 

Drawer 1 - Inks, sponges and daubers. 

Drawer 2 - Inks etc. 

Drawer 3 - Stamps

Drawer 4 - Punches

These storage trolleys from Ikea are PERFECT and I mean PERFECT for holding all your mixed media items. I started with one but it very quickly became apparent that I needed two, back to Ikea I went. 

Ikea Expedit 5 x 5 shelving, used for displaying projects. 

Ikea Expedit 5 x 5 shelving, used for storing kits, books, layouts. The brown baskets store lace, ribbon, chipboard, flowers. 

Picked up these paper racks when my LSS closed down, they were a bargain and a great place to store paper and card stock. 

I picked up this clip-it-up system on eBay for a steal, my stamps are now all organised and it is very easy to flick through them all and decide what I want to use. 

I love metal embellishments, love them to bits. You will very rarely see a flower in any of my projects, you will however always see metal. 

Box 1 - I call this my steampunk box.

Box 2 - Filigree embellishments, flowers, hearts and pins. 

Box 3 - Op shop box, here you will find all my op shop find. Every week I visit my local op shop to see what is new, picking up earrings, buttons, cutlery etc. 

Box 4 - Flying Unicorn Adornments, ahhhh so many pretties. 

All my other metal embellishments are stored in these which I have two of. 

Yes more Ikea, rails, cups and baskets. Perfect places to store pens, brushes etc. On the metal hooks you will see rings full of keys. 

I call this my wall of Finnabair, isn't it lovely?. I really wanted to keep my Finnabair creative team products away from the rest of my products. So yes, here we have more Ikea products to keep all my goodies contained. 

 My bigger Finnabair items are kept in these little cases.

Thank you so much for touring my craft room with me, if you have any questions at all on how I set it up or where anything was purchased from please let me know. 

Wishing you all a very happy and creative day. 

~ Rebecca ~ 


  1. Love it!!!!! I'll come to your classes ;-)

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  9. Beautiful room and so organized!

  10. Beautiful room and so organized!

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