Sunday, March 9, 2014

Printers Tray Project - Flying Unicorn

I am here with you today to share a little project which was super exciting to put together. I have been wanting to create a printers tray project for YEARS, however I had always felt a little intimidated. I mean, what do you put in all those little boxes? did I have enough stuff? where do the ideas come from? what do I do with it when it is finished?

I started off by lining my printers tray with a selection of different Prima papers. Tim Holtz Tissue Tape was used to edge every single compartment of this tray. Thanks to the girls on the Flying Unicorn Creative team for the hot tip on using Mod Podge to keep the tissue tape secure (I was getting a little frustrated).  The most fun part for me was filling all the little compartments, surprisingly I found this rather easy, I just kept picking up and placing and it all just seemed to work (hurrah!!! *self high five*). When it was complete I strung a wire along the back in order to hang the tray on the wall for display.

Products Used

Ok yes it is a little hard to take it all in isn't it? Let's take a closer look.......

Who is now inspired to create a printers tray? C'mon you can do it too!!

Wishing you all a brilliant and creative day.

~ Bex ~


  1. O.M.G. you've totally rocked this buddy ... it looks flippin' amazing [and some] ...

    so much to look at, drool over, look at again and again ... you know what I mean ...

  2. I'd never get another thing done if this hung on my wall. I'd spend all my time looking and peeking and noticing another new thing, or relationship between objects or I'd just sigh as I dreamed.