Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mixed Media Reverse Canvas - Flying Unicorn

Hi Everyone, 

I am here today to share with you something a little different, this is a reverse mixed media canvas. Yes I understand there is quite a bit to take in here so let me explain what you are all looking at. A combination of many different mediums have been used, material, chipboard, metal, canvas, paint and crackle paste. I am very much a person who thinks along the lines of 'more is more', so I am very happy to present to you all this slightly over the top canvas :-). 

Products Used
Scrap material from my stash 

This little magenta house from Twiddleybitz was lots of fun to put together, small flat packed chipboard item.  It is super cute and the Flying Unicorn Adornments only enhance it further. 

Below you are looking at a chipboard tree decorated with material, buttons and Flying Unicorn Adornments. 

I may have mentioned one or ten times how much I LOVE Art Extravagance Copper Crackle Paste, it is an amazing product to work with and look at the results (crackly heaven).

Many thanks for looking everyone and as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Wishing you a happy and creative day!

~ Bex ~


  1. Wow Rebecca I haven´t been in the Blogger World for some time, but always been a huge fan of your Art. After the last couple of month/years you have done amazing steps and by developing your Talent. I am so totally fascinated on your brilliant work - and it just seem to come so easy. That is real Talent - I hope i will find some time to visit your blog more often - it is such a inspiration for the craft world. Take care - yours SanDee1899

    1. SanDee can I just express to you how happy and touched I was to receive this post from you, it certainly has not gone unappreciated. I truly truly thank you for taking the time to write to me, it really made me day. It is kind comments like this that push me to extend beyond my crafting boundaries, try new things, move different directions. THANK YOU!!! x x x

  2. Man, this is gobsmacking ! LOOOVE the little house & my fave is the tree!!! The metal bits look great. Love the popalicious colours, too, of course:):?

  3. This is fabulous Bexta - I too love the tree especially with a birdcage in it :-)