Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rock Salt Distress Technique - Flying Unicorn

Hello Everyone! I am here today to share with you a rock salt distress technique. There are a few steps involved here but the end result is pretty cool (as seen below on Mr Brolly).

You will need the following products...

Take your die cut chippie and paint it up with gesso, allow to dry (completely!).

Using your Dew Drop Galaxy Gold ink rub it lightly over the chippie, allow to dry.

Spray liberally with your black mist...

Immediately pile with rock salt...

Spray with the black mist again. And now WAIT, wait until it dries, no using a heat gun. Sit back and leave overnight. I made the mistake a few times of trying to tip the salt off too early, bad move, made huge a salty inky mess.
After patiently leaving overnight you will end up with this...Ooooooh!!!

 Now you could leave Mr Brolly like this as he does look pretty cool and mottled. At this point though I decided to use a thin coat of crackle paint. After allowing the crackle paint to dry I added a quick dab of the Galaxy Gold dew drop and then a few sprays of the Perfect Copper Perfect Pearls Mist. 

 My transformed Mr Brolly was then turned into a tag.

Have a wonderful and creative week everyone!

~ Rebecca ~ 


  1. oh wow ... absolutely fabulous ... rock salt ... who would have thought ... must try this one ...

  2. Fabulous - I've seen this process before, but you explain it really well & the finished tag is just AMAZING....soo creative:):):)