Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beaucoup D'Amour - Zeus and Zoe

Today I am happy to bring to you a layout created as part of my DT work for the amazing new Etsy store called Zeus and Zoe. Have you been to check them out yet?, they sell an amazing assortment of crafting goodies and embellishments and also some very special one off kits (which are selling like hot cakes, if you see one there you like, be sure to jump on it quickly). Some items seen below on my layout from Zeus and Zoe include, the envelope, slide, keys and the gorgeous metal white and gold flower.

This layout has been made using a mix of both new and old. You will see some new flowers, papers, Prima canvas, ribbon and a handmade stamp (on the envelope). I am most excited about the old though, keys, a slide, and I really love the vintage envelope which is from 'Hotel Times Square'. The little tab on the back of the envelope I had to cut off and also include it as it had a message on it mentioning that all returned letters would go to the 'dead letter office'. Imagine the wondrous mail the dead letter office must have held?, so sad that mail ending up here was eventually destroyed. 

The photo I really really wish I could tell you more about this brilliant photo. I know I am somehow related to one or all of these people but at this stage I am not quite sure how. This photo was found in box of photos which my Grandmother has at her house. I will get to the bottom of this photo, no doubt about it. 

Isn't this tag simply stunning!!!, you can buy these beautiful handmade tags from Berry71Bleu


  1. Bec,

    Super gorgeous!! I truly love it!!

    Thank you so much. You are an amazing artist!


  2. Gorgeous girl!!!! Good luck with your DT position!

  3. This is just absolutely beautiful! Love everything about it! :)