Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mixed Media Challenge - Flying Unicorn

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to be hosting the mid month mixed media art journal challenge at Flying Unicorn. For the challenge I created this little canvas and tutorial. I hope you enjoy it.  
Products Used
Bombay Ink Cherry

  • Scribble away some contrasting colours of gelato.
  • Blend with a water pen or even just a wet finger (this works very well). 

  • Adhere material to card stock and cut out your petals, then sew lines in to all including your base card stock. 
  • Adhere Flying Unicorn Adornments to create your funky flower form. 

  • Using a small amount of glossy accent glue down a selection of different coloured Art Ingredients Glass Beads. I used the colours Plum and Zinc. 
  • Trace around all your petals, grass, bubbles etc with PITT artist pen in black and smudge slightly with a damp finger (time to get those hands super messy!)
  • Add words of your choice, this was last minute addition for me as I thought it needed something else. These ones are Tim Holtz ideology Chit Chat. 

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