Monday, July 27, 2015

Oceania - Finnabair Creative Team

Hi Everyone, 

Today I would like to share an experimental project made with a lot of small op shop found objects  combined with Art Ingredients Glass Beads, Art Ingredients Mica Powder, Art Basics Black Gesso & Silks paints. Many thanks for looking at my canvas which I call 'Oceania'.

I wish you all a very happy and creative day!

~ Rebecca ~

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Art - Inch by Inch - Finnabair Creative Team

Hi Everyone, 

I am here with you today to share a special canvas project, I call this one 'special' as it contains 12 mini 2" square works of art within the canvas. When I began this project I initially thought 12 x 2" squares would be a good challenge for myself and hoped in my head that I would be able to think of enough mini arts to fill all the squares. Well let me tell you once I began, the ideas kept flowing and I think I could have filled an extra 12 squares. I truly loved making this project and am very happy with how it has turned out. Plans are being formulated as I type to make a new creation with squares very very soon. If you have never tried something like this before I can certainly recommend giving it a go. 

To begin my project I painted a 8" x 10" white canvas with Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso and allowed this to dry. Step 2 for my background was to apply Art Extravagance Graphite Texture Paste to the face and sides of the canvas through the Grungy Grid Stencil.  Once the texture paste had completely dried I spritzed my canvas with a mist created with water and Gold Mica Powder, allowing to dry slightly and dabbing off with a baby wipe. At this stage I thought the background just needed a little something else so I grabbed some blue metallic thread and wrapped it around and around the canvas. It ended up creating exactly the look I was hoping to achieve. 

I took some heavy weighted card stock and cut 12 x 1" squares. With a palette knife I gently applied a thickish layer of Art Basics Modeling Paste. As I did not want a smooth finish with the back of the palette knife I gentle dabbed over the entire surface of the square to create some peaks. To complete I sprinkled on some Copper Micro Beads and then allowed my squares to completely dry (overnight, do NOT use a heat gun, I did try the heat gun approach, patience is the answer). 

After patiently waiting for my squares to dry overnight it was time to paint them. To paint them I made two mixes of colour, combining Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel with Art Ingredients Rust Mica Powder and also separately Blue Mica Powder. My first coat was with the rust followed by light dabs of the blue just for a little contrast. 

I created 8 squares using modelling paste and you will note there are 4 squares with stamped embossed mica images. This coming Monday the 27th July there will be an additional tutorial by me within the Spreads Your Wings Academy Volume 3 to fully explain how the stamped embossing technique is carried out. 

Please let me explain each squares contents in a little more detail for you. 

1) Prima Mechanicals Leaves 2 , bronze cogs (stash), Prima Mechanicals Typewriter Numbers, rosette ribbon. 
2) Gold metallic thread, watch parts (stash), Art Ingredients Bronze Micro Beads, Prima Collect Moments Stamp. 
3) Bronze key, Prima Resist Canvas - Music, Art Ingredients Bronze Micro Beads, Prima Mechanicals Bottle Caps. 


5) Prima Resin Bird, rusty nail, Prima Mechanicals Leaves 1.
6) Bronze cog (stash), watch parts (stash), Prima Mechanicals Gears. 
7) Gold metallic thread, Prima Butterfly 3 Stamp, Prima Junkyard Findings Screw. 
8) Bronze cogs (stash), Prima Mechanicals Plated Labels, Prima Mechanicals Tassels. 

10) Gold metallic thread, Prima Canvas Resist Newspaper, Prima Mechanicals Leaves 2, watch parts (stash).
11) Rosette ribbon (stash), bronze cog (stash) watch parts (stash), Prima Mechanicals Leaves 2. 
12) Prima Canvas Resist Newspaper , Chinese coin (stash), Plastic egg (stash), Art Ingredients Glass Beads Zinc. 

Thank you for your time today my creative friends, please if you have any questions at all do not be afraid to ask.

I wish you all a very happy and creative day.

~ Rebecca ~ 
Products Used
Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel
Prima Resist Canvas - Music
Prima Mechanicals Tassels